Despite that the current generation of the famous 4Runner is one of the most outdated models on the market, its sales numbers are still more than impressive. Simply, the reason lays in the fact that body-on-frame SUVs are a pretty rare thing these days, while SUV enthusiasts desperately seek capable off-roaders. Things are changing these days and the new Bronco is on the way. Along with Wrangler, these three models are the only BoF SUVs on the market, if we exclude full-size models and those with a premium badge. Still, it’s definitely time for changes and the current generation. It has been around since 2008 and will finally end its production. The replacement will come in the form of a completely new generation, which will hit the market probably as the 2022 Toyota 4Runner.

At this point, we don’t know too many details about the 2022 Toyota 4Runner redesign. Moreover, the company is still quiet about the new model, most of the things we know have actually come from unofficial reports. Still, our reliable sources claim that the new model is in development. Allegedly, it will hit the market in less than two years.

2022 Toyota 4Runner

2022 Toyota 4Runner Redesign

As we’ve just mentioned, most of the details about the 2022 Toyota 4Runner new generation came from unofficial reports. Whether they are going to turn out to be true or not, there are some things that are pretty obvious, that don’t need any kind of official confirmation.

The platform is definitely one of those things. There is no doubt that the new model will continue with a traditional body-on-frame layout and continue to be a genuine SUV. We expect it will adopt the company’s new TNGA-F platform, which will debut with the next-generation Tundra, but which will be modular and able to underprint the complete BoF lineup of the Japanese manufacturer. Of course, it will be notably downsized for this occasion and we will get to the 2022 Toyota 4Runner dimensions in a moment.


We’ve just mentioned the size of the next-generaiton and while the exact numbers are yet to come, we have no doubt that the new model won’t feature significant changes in this aspect. Of course, it will get a little bit bigger, but that increase should be minimal, even though 110 inches of wheelbase in the current model seems quite small for a mid-size three-row crossover. Simply, we are pretty sure that the Japanese manufacturer doesn’t want to sacrifice off-road performances, which are probably the strongest point of this rugged SUV.

2022 Toyota 4Runner featured

Of course, we also count on new styling. At this point, it’s still early to talk about details, but there is no doubt that the overall shape will remain pretty familiar. On the other side, we count on a new face, which will probably take a bit of inspiration from the upcoming Tundra. All in all, changes should be evolutionary.


The current model features one of the most outdated cabins in the market. Therefore, we count on significant improvements in this aspect. The new model should look much better but we definitely don’t expect too many fancy details on the dashboard. This model has always been more about practicality than luxury, so don’t expect to see fine materials you can find in Highlander or any other mid-size crossover.

When it comes to the 2022 Toyota 4Runner interior space, the new model shouldn’t bring too many improvements. Simply, the third row will remain tight, as the company doesn’t want to sacrifice off-road performances with a longer wheelbase. Still, we count on new, more comfortable seats, better driving position and ergonomics, and other comfort improvements.

2022 Toyota 4Runner Engine

This is another aspect where we expect to see big changes. The current model comes with a capable and reliable 4.0-liter V6, but this engine is also thirsty and not so refined by today’s standards. Moreover, it comes in pair with an ancient 5-speed automatic transmission. Therefore, we count on a completely new powertrain setup. Most likely, base models will use the Tacoma’s V6 engine, but we count on a hybrid version as well. Unfortunately, details are still unknown.

Some sources also speculate about the new 2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro. The off-road version of this SUV features lots of upgrades but it looks like the new model wouldn’t just come with new suspension and chassis reinforcements, but also with a new engine, more powerful compared to the rest of the lineup. Unfortunately, this is just a rumor for now, so take it with a big reserve.

2022 Toyota 4Runner release date

2022 Toyota 4Runner Release Date and Price

Details about the 2022 Toyota 4Runner release date and price are still far away but it looks like the new model could be ready for the first half of 2022. When it comes to the price, we presume that the new model will get a little bit closer to the 40k tag.


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