The current generation of Acura’s mid-size crossover has been around six years and if we consider typical production cycles of Honda models, we may expect a complete redesign soon. At this point, we are still waiting to hear details from the officials, but it looks like it will hit the market sometime in the next year. The Acura testing model has been spotted for a couple of times and most experts are pretty sure it’s about the new generation of this crossover. The new model will probably come as the 2022 Acura MDX.

At this point, we can only make predictions about the new look, though we should also mention those leaked photos of new models that we believe they present the new MDX and TLX models. The new model is about to bring improvements in all kinds of aspects, while the performance-oriented Type S is also expected. The new model should arrive sometime in 2021, though we are still waiting to hear details from the officials.

2022 Acura MDX Spy Shot
Image Source: Motor1

2022 Acura MDX Redesign

Without any doubt, this redesign will bring a plethora of novelties. One of the first things that come to mind is the size. The current model measures around 111 inches in wheelbase and there is no doubt that we are about to see some stretching in the new model. A couple of more inches between the axles will certainly have a highly positive effect on interior space but that certainly won’t be the only improvement we are about to see in the new model.

We also count on a new suspension setup, which will improve ride quality. Still, we have to say that the current model already offers pretty amazing driving experince, with composed handling and comfortable ride. Speaking of the suspension setup, we also count on the 2022 Acura MDX Type S model, which will come with further upgrades, in terms of suspension, brakes etc,


Of course, we are about to see a completely new styling. The testing model is still hiding under the camouflage, but some leak photos have already appeared, including those in the company’s new infotainment system. In any case, we are pretty sure that new aesthetics will be evolutionary and that we are about to see a new version of the recognizable diamond grille and all those sharp lines.

2022 Acura MDX leak

Some of these elements already came with the 2017 facelift, which was the time when this mid-size was adapted to the brand’s latest design language.

The new 2022 Acura MDX Type S will certainly come with loads of unique styling details, which will emphasize the model’s sporty character. You may count on things like exclusive wheels, upgrade bumpers, exclusive color options, trim and similar things.


This is the aspect where we expect to see big improvements. The current model is strong in many aspects but the interior quality isn’t among them. It isn’t all that bad, but most rivals feel more opulent. Therefore, we presume that the company will utilize hi-quality materials and do similar things we saw in the new RDX, which really looks amazing from the inside. Besides nice materials, we count on all kinds of latest tech goodies, including the new infotainment system and bigger touchscreen.

As we’ve just mentioned, the new model is about to get a couple of inches in wheelbase. That will certainly bring benefits in terms of the interior space. You may count on more passenger room and that particularly refers to the third row, which currently offers just a little bit over 28 inches of legroom. More cargo room is also expected, though the current figures are typical for the class.

2022 Acura MDX interior rendering

2022 Acura MDX Engines

Big changes will come under the hood as well. First of all, we are pretty sure that the current V6 will remain in the offer. It may be robust but it delivers a great balance between power and fuel efficiency. The current version delivers around 290 horsepower and we presume that the new model will come with a slight power boost.

On the other side, the new 2022 Acura MDX Type S will probably get help from a turbocharger. We still don’t know the exact specs but there is no doubt that the max output will be notably higher compared to the standard version.

The hybrid version is also expected. The current version delivers pretty respectable 321 horsepower but we presume that the new version will rather come based on a four-cylinder engine, in order to provide better efficiency.

2022 Acura MDX Release Date and Price

When it comes to the 2022 Acura MDX release date, we presume that the new model will arrive sometime in the next year. The price is still a mystery, but we don’t expect a too significant increase compared to the current model, which starts around 45.000 dollars. Key competitors are models like Lexus RX, Audi Q7, Lincoln Aviator, BMW X5 etc.


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