The Tesla Model X is the first electric crossover that came to the market and fiver years after the launch, it still holds its position on the market. The reasons are quite obvious. Despite being all-electric, it is still a genuine 3-row crossover, which offers plenty of legroom and cargo space, while delivers supercar performances as well. That’s one of the reasons why we also don’t expect to see more significant changes for the 2021 Tesla Model X.

This crossover is great in many ways. It looks futuristic, it feels futuristic. A completely digitalized dashboard provides an amazing driving experience, while different output configurations can meet the demands of any type of driver. All this comes in such a practical package, where you can pick between different seating configurations. As this is a website about three-row SUVs, the 7-seat version will be in our focus, although you can get versions with five or six seats as well.

2021 Tesla Model X

2021 Tesla Model X Interior Space

Of course, things in this aspect will remain the same, so you may count on the same amount of legroom as before. This is a quite spacious SUV, which is no wonder considering that it measures more than 116 inches in wheelbase. The first row is particularly spacious, as you may count on more than 41 inches of legroom. The second row also offers decent comfort with around 38.5 inches in legroom. Typically for the class, the third row is tight and best to be left for kids, as it measures around 32.7 inches. That may look tight, but it is still more compared to most three-row crossovers on the market.

We also like the generous cargo area, which features 88 cubic feet of total volume. Also, a good thing to know is that both rows fold flat.

Interior Features

Besides plenty of space, this crossover also comes with an attractive and well-equipped interior. First of all, you will notice that the dashboard looks very futuristic, with a minimalistic aesthetical approach and a large touchscreen that replaces all physical controls. The cabin is full of soft-touch materials, though we can’t say the overall quality is at the same level as in rivals like Mercedes-Benz GLE, BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne etc. This particularly refers to fit and finish, final touches of the cabin.

On the other side, the amount of standard equipment is really impressive. One of the first things we should mention is that all seven seats come with heating. The list of standard features also includes 12-way adjustable power front seats.

2021 Tesla Model X Interior

We also like the number of tech features in the offer. All models come standard with a 17-inch touchscreen, air filtration system, Bluetooth, a 17-speaker stereo, satellite radio, navigation, two USB ports, voice command activation, Wi-Fi hot spot etc.

In terms of safety, you may count on things like forward and side collision warning, and automatic emergency braking. Also, Enhanced Autopilot is available. This system maintains and adjusts speed with traffic, stays in its lane or make lane changes, automatically parks itself, and drives itself to you out of a parking spot.

2021 Tesla Model X Performances

When it comes to drivetrain and performances, there are essentially two drivetrain options. Standard models are able to go from zero to sixty in about 4.5 seconds, but you can also get Performance version, which needs just 2.7 seconds to hit sixty. When comes to the range, the recent update has made this crossover capable of making 325 miles on a single charge. A  more powerful version features a slightly shorter range, which goes around 305 miles. In both cases, these are unparalleled ratings. When it comes to charging options, Tesla suggests a 240-volt wall connector. With this connector, you need around 10 hours to recharge. Of course, it is possible to charge the crossover with a standard household outlet. Finally, Tesla offers Superchargers on numerous stations nationwide. On these stations, you need just 30 minutes to recharge the Model X to the point where it can make 170 miles.

2021 Tesla Model X release Date

2021 Tesla Model X Changes

When it comes to possible changes for the next year, we don’t expect too many of them, especially if we consider that the company is currently busy with other projects, including the over-hyped Cybertruck. Therefore, the best we could see are typical yearly updates, while you should also keep in mind that this company makes updates during the production year as well. We don’t expect changes in terms of the battery and range. On the other side, the company may focus on interior changes this time. We may see things like new standard equipment, as well as some minor aesthetical updates. Other than that, the new Tesla Model X 2021 should continue in the same way.

Release Date and Price

The 2021 Tesla Model X should hit the market by the end of the year. The current model currently goes in a range between 82.000 and 138.000 dollars, roughly, and we don’t expect significant changes for the next year either.


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