When the current generation of this full-size SUV was launched a couple of years ago, it was a real revolution, not just in the world of Lincoln models but the whole American automotive industry. We finally saw a luxury SUV that’s on par with European and Japanese luxury SUVs. Moreover, the new Navigator beats them in so many aspects and it is currently considered the best full-size luxury SUV on the market. Naturally, the company wants to keep that position, so novelties are on the way. One of them will be the new 2021 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid if we can rely on the latest reports.

At this point, we are still waiting for the official confirmation of this model. On the other side, there are various sources that see this model as a certain thing. According to them, the electrified version of this SUV is just a matter of time. So, here are some of our predictions about the 2021 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid, but consider it a pretty rough preview.

2021 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid

2021 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid Powertrain

The thing with the 2021 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid powertrain is that we are still waiting to hear something from the officials. On the other side, unofficial reports suggest the same setup as for the new F-150. Of course, we are talking about the PHEV system but the problem is that details about the upcoming truck are also unknown at the moment.

However, there is something that may serve as a great starting point for the new 2021 Lincoln Navigator Plug-In Hybrid. You may presume, we are talking about the European version of the recently redesigned Ford Explorer, which comes with a pretty mighty setup. The system is based on a 3.0-liter turbo V6 engine and delivers an impressive total output of 450 horsepower and even more impressive 600 pound-feet of torque. Such numbers seem pretty appropriate for an SUV like Lincoln Navigator, so we may not see modifications at all.

On the other side, we may see modifications in terms of the battery pack. The mid-size crossover features a 13.1-kWh battery pack, which ensures an all-electric range of around 25 miles. Considering that the Navigator is heavier and bigger, we would expect something bigger under the floor.

2021 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid Design

In terms of base design characteristics, we don’t expect to see any particular change. The current generation will remain in production for several more years. So, you may count on the same layout that utilizes loads of lightweight materials, such as aluminum and HSS. Still, we won’t exclude the possibility to see a couple of visual novelties.

First of all, we can hear some rumors that suggest a facelift for the next year. As you may presume, the obvious reason for such a move would be the launch of all-new Cadillac Escalade, which comes with a new design and significant improvements compared to the previous generation. Therefore, all 2021 Lincoln Navigator models might get some aesthetics. Second, this model will probably come with a couple of exclusive details, to accentuate its electrified character. What exactly is going to change, it is hard to guess at the moment.


On the other side, the interior design probably won’t changes. Of course, we will see slightly revised instruments, adapted to the PHEV setup, but the overall dashboard design will remain the same. That’s a great thing for sure, as we are talking about a luxurious and very attractive layout.

2021 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid Interior

Besides impressive build quality, this SUV also offers tremendous amounts of space. Whether you choose a standard or long-wheelbase version, this SUV comes with three extremely generous rows of seats, as well as with impressive cargo volume. The latter may be a little bit compromised with a large battery pack. Still, expect nothing but small deviations in the case of 2021 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid.

2021 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid Tech Features

The same thing goes tech features, though we presume that the base hybrid version will be better equipped than standard gasoline versions. We presume that the list of standard equipment will include goodies like a 10-inch touch screen, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, navigation, six USB ports, satellite radio, sunroof and many more things.

The same goes for advanced safety features. So, you may count on things like a pre-collision warning and braking system with pedestrian detection, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, automatic high-beam headlights, front and rear parking sensors, a rearview camera, and lane keep assist, if not even more standard features.

2021 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid Release Date

Release Date and Price

It’s hard to say anything more precise, as the company still keeps everything as secret. Still, some rumors suggest we could see this model pretty soon, while the same powertrain could find a place in the mainstream counterpart, Expedition, as well. When it comes to the price, six figures don’t sound impossible at all.


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