Tesla made a strong impact on the all-electric Model X. However, fans and experts are sharing the opinion the SUV is too expensive. The US carmaker figured out the notice and built a smaller and more affordable vehicle. The 2020 Tesla Model Y is a compact crossover. By default, it is a five-seater. But, the optional upgrade is a third row which adds two more spots.

Model Y seems to be heavily based on the Model 3 car. It lacks luxurious options from its larger sibling. Tesla did a good job to get this crossover closer to fans. On the other hand, they had to do it. Other companies are investing more and more into the electrification and the biggest rivals are two other US companies – Rivian and Ford.

The 2020 Tesla Model Y is going to be available with four batteries and the range between 230 and 300 miles. The crossover is coming to Europe as well and we believe it is going to arrive in the Chinese market sometime in the future. Well, some parts for the new vehicle are built in Shanghai. Tesla’s main factory in Fremont is producing the largest share of vehicles.

2020 Tesla Model Y concept

2020 Tesla Model Y Specifications

According to reports, the 2020 Tesla Model Y will have four types of drivetrains available for customers. The base version is a 60 kWh (50 kWh usable) unit with the electric range of 230 miles. The entry-level model is taking 25 minutes for 80 percent recharge (190 miles). Full recharge needs five and a half hours. The battery is capable to produce 205 horsepower and 260 lb-ft (350 Nm) of torque. Max speed of this version is 120 mph and it needs 6 seconds to accelerate 0-60 mph.

Long Range Models

Besides the base version, there are three other different setups. The edition with the longest range is using a rear-wheel drive configuration and returns 300 miles. It needs a half second less to sprint 0-60 mph. Also, max speed jumps to 130 mph. A larger battery (74 kWh) takes 8 hours for a full refill, while the quick 80-percent recharge lasts 30 minutes. The motor also produces 345 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque.

There are also two other different setups available for the same unit. If you want an all-wheel drive, the range drops to 280 miles. You are getting the same distance with 2020 Tesla Model Y Performance model. The first one accelerates 0-60 mph in less than 5 seconds and reaches the peak at 135 mph. Performance edition raises the bar to 150 mph and takes 3.5 seconds to make the gauge to 60 mph from zero.

2020 Tesla Model Y range

2020 Tesla Model Y Features and Accessories

The US company gave us pieces of information about the new crossover. The most important thing is that we are getting a new three-row SUV. The 2020 Tesla Model Y will offer 65 cubic feet of maximum cargo space. Still, a five-seat version will appear first, and the seven-seater is coming after the base model.

We can get an image of the cockpit if we take a look at the Model 3. Simple and clean layout, with a glass roof and touchscreen display at the center of the infotainment system are Tesla’s trademarks. We’ll see if the company delivers a vertical screen and how big it will be. Nevertheless, the main functions are there, including all the info about the crossover.

2020 Tesla Model Y interior

Autonomous Drive

Tesla is currently offering Level 2 of the autonomous drive for production vehicles. The latest information is reporting that BMW and Nissan are ready to beat this, not just to match. The difference between levels 2 and 3 are huge, and small between levels 3 and 4. So, the development of Level 3 and then upgrading to Level 4 would be a waste of time and money.

Nevertheless, be sure than 2020 Tesla Model Y and all other upcoming vehicles from this carmaker will be ready for the challenge. The company is ahead of its competition in many segments, and we see no rival to threat the supremacy.

Release Date and Prices

Elon Musk announced the complete debuting plan for the 2020 Tesla Model Y. The first models will arrive in the second half next year. The base version (230 miles) is coming out the last one. It will cost $39,000 and the debut is set for the first quarter of 2021. By the time it becomes available, other Long Range crossovers will be on roads. The rear-wheel drive model (300 miles) will come with the price tag of $48,000. Two other 280-mile versions AWD and Performance will cost $52,000 and $61,000.

The production of the 2020 Tesla Model Y is happening in Tesla factories in the USA. However, the company will make batteries in Shanghai. Model Y is going to be available for the US market first, and then it will appear in Canada, Mexico, Asia, and Europe.

Photos source: Tesla



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