With the arrival of the new Model Y, we thought the Model X is not going to be so interesting anymore. The new crossover SUV came with an optional third row. However, due to its size, it looks very cramped. So, mid-size electric SUV remains a far better option. With changes announced for the 2020 Tesla Model X, we can expect this 7-seat SUV to set some new boundaries. This vehicle is already one of the most advanced things we can find on the market. After an update, we can’t even imagine what does the US company prepares.

The new batteries will allow the 2020 Tesla Model X to improve the range. The old model could offer 290 miles, but the new one will boost it by 10 percent. This is the info we have about the Long Range version, while the Standard Range is also getting improvements. Also, the Ludicrous mode will create a sports car acceleration of this SUV. However, some tuning is needed before Tesla creates the same impression like Ferrari or Lamborghini.

2020 Tesla Model X doors

2020 Tesla Model X 7-Seat SUV Capacity

Designers won’t have too much work for the 2020 Tesla Model X. The vehicle is cosmetically unchanged for the upcoming season. A bit of update up front, mostly for the infotainment and entertaining system, and that would be it. Of course, Tesla will add some new features to refresh the wow effect. Still, the Model X remains a five-seat model by default. Buyers can upgrade the interior capacity to seven seats. There will be enough for cargo as well – 88 cubic feet. It smaller sibling, Model Y, offers only 22 cubic feet. But, the high-end versions of the larger SUV are using captain’s chairs in the middle row, dropping the seating capacity to six spots.

Changes for Next Season

So, with the design staying the same, the company put more tasks in front of engineers. They will have to create more range for the upcoming 2020 Tesla Model X. We already found first information that top of the range models will be able to go 320 miles per charge. The current model offers 290 miles. Of course, there are smaller batteries with the range around 250 miles, which will also get a boost to at least 280 miles. Model S sedan will go up to 370 miles per charge.

Other technical data says the new SUV will sprint to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds. This time drops with Ludicrous Mode. It is available when you purchase the Performance package. The Ludicrous Mode will make the Model X run like an exotic car. However, the previous edition shows some lack of this system. Sports seats and other upgrades are needed if you want to use this mode. But, for the first couple of times, it will be interesting to see how this big SUV works with Ludicrous Mode. Whatsoever, Elon Musk announced even faster mode, which will drop 0-60 mpg acceleration time under 3 seconds. That is Maximum Plaid. There is no further info about this package yet, so we believe it is not coming for the 2020 Model X.

2020 Tesla Model X range

2020 Tesla Model X Future

Currently, Tesla has higher priorities for the upcoming years. It will be hard for other companies to match the luxury and performance of the 2020 Tesla Model X. Let’s not mention the autonomous drive system and air suspension. The US company is not saving on materials and equipment. But, that is the reason why their vehicles are so expensive. And while Tesla is developing a roadster or a truck, other carmakers are after mid-size luxury EV SUVs. Ford and Rivian might be the first to bring similar models to the market.

Meanwhile, the 2020 Tesla Model X stays mostly unchanged. But, in future, expect longer range, fastest charging, and more options. One of them is already announced. That is the new performance mode. Furthermore, we expect from Tesla to develop a new autonomous drive system. It is one of the most independent self-driving features in the automotive world. Currently, Level 3 offers the most autonomous drive options to the driver than any other vehicle. We doubt the 2020 Model X will reach Level 4, but it will be a step closer.

2020 Tesla Model X interior 7-seat

2020 Tesla Model X Price

The most critics of the 2020 Tesla Model X were about the price. With the starting value at $83,000, the company had to make something to be more affordable. The launched a lighter Model Y version. Model X remains the flagship vehicle with the most advanced technologies inside. Well, the price mostly depends on the size of the battery. The smallest electric motor is not as capable as the Long Range model with 320 miles of range. Of course, there are Performance package and Ludicrous Mode that increase the value of the Model X to $140,000. The Maximum Plaid system could add probably $10,000 more on that price.



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